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How does the Healthy Workplace Programme work?


This programme of free support will enable employers in Hertfordshire to address health issues in the workplace, by giving the knowledge, resources and skillset needed to implement a wellbeing framework.

Designed to deliver personalised health and wellbeing action plans set out across three levels of accreditation, meaning each step is manageable and gets the best outcomes for you and your employees when it comes to addressing health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The process shown below gives an outline of what the journey through the programme will look like, there are no deadlines or time pressures and throughout the whole process you will be supported by a trained Workplace specialist.


As an employee if you want to become a Workpalce Health Champion for your organisation, then please register your workplaces interest and we can send you some more infromation.


The process above shows the commitment to the full programme, but we do also offer light touch options to support you with employee wellbeing if the above isn't possible at this current time. Please get in contact with us to find out more.