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Providing opportunities

for your employees

to be healthy

in the workplace

Did you know?


Having a healthy

workforce can help save

your business money

Being part of a healthy workplace programme improves productivity

149 million working days

were lost because of sickness or injury

in the UK in 2021

Welcome to Hertfordshire Healthy Workplace Programme


Hertfordshire County Council has developed a health and wellbeing offer

to support small and medium sized businesses (SME's) from the private and voluntary sector, and their employees.


This free support enables employers in Hertfordshire to address health concerns in their workplace

by giving them the knowledge, resources, training and skillset needed to create a wellbeing led culture.


Organisations register your interest today to find out more.


Employees interested in becoming a Workplace Health Champion for your organisation,

talk to your employer and ask them to register, and we will contact them with more information.


New to Healthy Workplace?
Register interest
Existing members
Benefits of improving health at work
Increased productivity
Improved staff loyalty
Increased staff retention
Improved morale
Improved mental health
Increased team and corporate resilience
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Happy employees perform better
Creates a professional environment
Long term planning is more effective
Greater participation and inclusion
1 in 3 report mental health absence
Gives better business outcomes